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How We Help…

For individuals

Counselling provided by a registered psychologist can assist clients experience relief from anxiety and depression as well as better manage stress or anger.

It can also help them reduce the distress associated with grief, trauma, addictive behaviours, relationship conflict or an unexpected change in circumstances.

Clients also seek counselling for help in achieving their goals, managing life transitions and improving relationships at home or the workplace.

While counselling is usually short-term consisting of up to 10 sessions, psychotherapy is a process of longer duration that deals with psychological problems that may have been causing significant difficulties for many years and require treatment at deeper levels.

For couples

Counselling for couples can help improve communication, manage conflict, resolve recurring arguments, collaboratively work on problematic behaviours, and enhance mutual understanding. While Medicare does not fund couples counselling, private health insurance may provide rebates for sessions.


Family dispute resolution is a formal mediation process for family members affected by separation or divorce. It is provided by an impartial practitioner who is registered with the Commonwealth Government, and usually aims to produce written agreements outlining shared parenting arrangements.