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Trauma Counselling

Experiencing some degree of trauma is an inevitable part of being alive. However traumatic experiences can have long-lasting, negative, psychological effects because traumatic memories can become ‘frozen’ in the underlying layers of the psyche. A psychological ‘infection’ may result from these traumatic memories when they act as a ‘filter’ through which new experience is processed, often in an unconscious way. A traumatic experience may be brief but intense (such as a life-threatening event) or it may be more complex in nature, being of lower intensity but of longer duration (such as being in an abusive relationship). Post-traumatic stress can also result from witnessing an incident in which someone else’s safety is threatened.

Untreated post-traumatic stress or complex trauma can have serious outcomes and will usually appear as difficulties in our daily functioning and particularly in our relationships. If you are suffering from trauma it’s likely you are avoiding certain situations that have triggered stress or anxiety and this can severely inhibit your lifestyle. However, it’s not necessary that we have to continue to suffer from the effects of trauma. Post-traumatic stress can be effectively treated through counselling and with some help, you can recover from the effects of trauma and live a happier and more fulfilling life. We provide brief and effective counselling for trauma for people living in Croydon, Ringwood and Mooroolbark, as well as surrounding suburbs.

Signs and Symptoms Of Post-traumatic Stress

Post-traumatic stress manifests as a variety of signs and symptoms depending on the individual and the severity. Some of these include:

  • Being frequently irritable or angry
  • Feeling ‘on edge’ and easily startled
  • Often feeling overwhelmed and unsupported
  • Avoiding situations and activities that you previously participated in.
  • Nightmares and flashbacks which seem as if you are reliving the event.
  • An inability to concentrate or having trouble with your memory.
  • ‘Zoning out’
  • Relying on sedatives and alcohol to mask the pain or to make you numb.
  • Feeling nausea or fatigued
  • Being frequently unwell, or experiencing headaches and muscle pains.
  • Experiencing tremors or diarrhoea
  • Having a rapid heart rate or breathing without exercise.
  • Having problems sleeping.
  • A change in appetite that results in either significant weight loss or gain.

How Can We Help You?

At Croydon Psychology we understand that life can present many types of challenges and crises. These may lead you to feel overwhelmed or desperate at times. Or to believe that you don’t deserve to experience joy, pleasure and happiness. This is not necessary. We can help you overcome your trauma, so you can start to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life. At Croydon Psychology we also believe in diversity such that everyone will learn to cope with trauma in their own way. Therefore we endeavour to tailor our counselling services to your particular needs. Why? Because everyone’s journey in life is different.

We’re here to help you take the first step on the path to recovery from trauma. If you live in or around the suburbs of Croydon, Ringwood or Mooroolbark then call us today and book your initial counselling session with us. You don’t have to feel alone anymore. Call now!